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EBG | Network will combine the topics brought up during Sourcing Outlook and Source 2 Pay Summit.

In 2022 we reunited and it was wonderful to meet in person again. See you again in 2023!

We give you –  CPO Outlook 2023!

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EBG | Network connect peers and experts depending on challenges and opportunities You want to discuss! Now online.

Apart from great keynotes and a seamless online platform – below is what an EBG summit is (always) about. Connecting You with others sharing the same interests, seeing the same possibilities and wanting to solve the same challenges. And it works.

”Personally I think EBG create some of the best events in Sweden and top three in Europe. Most of all – the round table discussions give the deepest benefit, when we working with procurement can talk to each other and share our practical experiences.”


What you will experience

No pandemic can stop EBG | Network from enabling you  getting access to peers and experts you may not have gotten in contact with otherwise. On-site and/or online – EBG enable you to share experiences live.

Great minds coming together – informal yet to the point

Mission Insights Reflections

Theme Discussions 1 & 2

Theme Discussions 3 & 4

Speakers & Moderators You can discuss with!

Expert Organizations in 2021 – learn from their experiences together with a peer group!

EBG | Community

Since 2020 EBG | Network offer attendees of an EBG Summit to join EBG | Community. An online platform where groups are offered to stay connected. No more needles in haystacks – you have started to know your fellow summit peers and experts and find them again here.

About EBG | Network

EBG | Network is a website and a company run by Anna and Lars Bjärkerud that gather and share cross functional and cross organizational business development experiences within procurement and finance. Activities we do include interviews, webinars, Online Benchmark Sessions, workshops and conferences.

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Attendees from across the world

Sourcing strategies and activities are becoming increasingly global. Yet organizations and people are managed regionally or local. How can you make sure you make the wisest decisions and that you are able to see them through?

Here's why you'll love Sourcing Outlook

Quality Content

EBG | Network are well know to enable quality content during quality time. Practitioners set the agenda and ensure win-win experience exchange.

Quality Time

During a summit you should be able to meet and share know-how with as many people as possible! KeyNote sessions, Focus Sessions and Theme Discussions.

Global Approach

During Sourcing Outlook you will meet with large organization working in complex organizations. Global strategies meet regional and local execution.

100% Focus on Real Challenges and Opportunities

During Sourcing Outlook you will not get a one solution fit all pitch served. By meeting with as many experiences peers and experts as possible you will be able to gather pieces that you can put together and solve your challenges and optimize your possibilities.

Theme Discussions

Theme Discussions are the heart of all EBG | Network summits. Moderators decide what is interesting for them to talk about – creating a win-win solution. Real challenges and real possibilities where one does not always have all the answers but the group together can fit the pieces together.

Key Note Sessions

They have gone through several changes over the past years and have traditionally grown through mergers and acquisitions. Getinge Group gave an interesting Key note at Source 2 Pay Summit 2017. Key Note sessions inspire and reach all of the audience.

Focus Sessions

Focus Sessions are parallel on stage presentation enabling you to dig deeper into areas of your interest.